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Sleep by the Numbers John 01007By John on 10/08/12
10 Things a Good Personal Trainer Will Tell You John 0922By John on 10/08/12
7 Home Remedies That Actually Work Priyanka 1577By Calabro on 09/10/12
Get Amazing Abs (and Tone All Over) at Any Age Jake 01836By Jake on 08/10/12
Why Does Bottled Water Have an Expiration Date? Jake 01863By Jake on 07/07/12
10 diet and exercise myths that pack on pounds Priyanka 0518By Priyanka on 06/19/12
Breaking 10 myths about dieting John 02153By John on 05/18/12
Does Beer Affect Whom We Find Attractive? Jake 01851By Jake on 04/27/12
10 Ways to Keep Your Mind Sharp Jake 01843By Jake on 04/25/12
5 Sleep Myths and How to Beat Them Jake 01781By Jake on 04/04/12
Natural remedies for the 15 most common aches, pains, and health complaints Priyanka 0592By Priyanka on 03/17/12
8 Home Remedies that Really Work Priyanka 0460By Priyanka on 02/27/12
10 Tips to Improve Your Speaking Voice Jake 01775By Jake on 02/27/12
10 Mysteries of Human Mind Jake 32290By Jake on 02/27/12
Natural Cures for Depression Hilary 02179By Hilary on 02/24/12
Are bad sleeping habits driving us crazy? John 02123By John on 02/19/12
10 Winter Health Myths Exposed Jake 0666By Jake on 02/11/12
13 Things Your Grocer Won't Tell You Hilary 02081By Hilary on 02/11/12
Ultimate power foods that are creating a stir on the internet Jake 01791By Jake on 02/06/12
Super Chemicals discovered in nature and rebuilt in labs Hilary 02067By Hilary on 01/31/12

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