Get More Done in Your Weekends
If you believe the car commercials you see every day on television, the majority of us spend our weekends blazing through the hills, on the way to a day of bicycling, rock climbing, beach frolicking, picnicking, and generally being active. A look at the parking lot of the local mall come Saturday afternoon shows the reality.

Our weekends have become a time of errands, shopping, and finishing up the work we didn't get to during the week. For too many of us, our spirit of adventure is being fulfilled by finding a great bargain at a store. And for parents, our thrill seeking is being fulfilled through our kids -- we shuttle them to and from their sports matches, and cheer from the sidelines.

It's time to reclaim our weekends -- or at least, a good-sized chunk of them. There is no better time for exercise and stress relief than a sunny Saturday afternoon outdoors. Here, then, are ways to sneak in some life-affirming weekend activity.

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