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810:240 - Computer Systems

College: Iowa > University of Northern Iowa > Computer Science

Professor: Mark Fienup
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Rating (out of 10):     Overall: 9.5     Easiness: 8     Helpfulness: 10     Subject Knowledge: 10     Personality: 10     Teaching/Explaining: 8              

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Professor: Mark Fienup      Course Date: Spring 2003      Source: I took this course      Recommend Course: Yes

Course Rating (1 - Bad to 10 - Excellent)

 Easy to get good grades in class:(8)
 Helpful inside and outside of class:10
 Professor's knowledge of the subject:10
 Overall Personality (e.g. easy going):10
 Teaching & explaining course material:8
Submitted On: 12/28/2008

Dr. Fienup is very helpful in class. Even if your fundamentals are weak in computer systems, he will cover them at the beginning to make you comfortable with the advanced systems. If you ask qsts on completely different systems (like hyper threading, dual core, etc); though it is not included in default course agenda, he is willing to talk about it (either in the class or at his office). In course mid terms and final, prof allows cheat sheet (8.5 by 11 paper and you can write on both sides). At one time he even allowed textbook in the finals; but it doesn't help much if you haven't already studied the material before. Prof grading is easy. Prof also uses the word "probably" a lot :)

Material Learnt: A Lot      Textbook Used: A Lot